How We Got Started

Our story takes place in paradise in 2008. Troy and Tim, ex-smokers, decided to kick their addiction of cigarettes. They tried several methods like the patch and gum; however, nothing seemed to alleviate the habit. Their next solution would be their last. The two friends purchased their first E-cigarette from a local vape shop. Over the next four years, Troy and Tim had become dedicated vapers, and also passionate about converting smokers to follow their path. 

Although they had enjoyed the flavors from their usual vape shop they began venturing to other shops. The experience was intimidating and boy did they have a lot to learn! They were often greeted properly but the overall service usually missed the mark. That's when they decided they would pursue their dream that they were passionate about. Troy and Tim would focus not only on delicious E-juice, but they would place an emphasis on customers needs and service. Ultimately, they wanted to create a place of comfort and promote a culture of aloha.

At the end of 2013 the two friends opened up their own vape shop in Honolulu Hawaii. Their menu consisted of only twenty-five flavors, such as fuji apple and dragon fruit, a very simplistic range of flavors. And as time passed they realized that customers had gotten tired of their menu; therefore, they began experimenting and mixing unique combinations of flavors. One year later, the partners had established their reputation as a popular vape shop with one of the most extensive and flavorful menus on Oahu. In fact, their menu had grown to more than sixty different E-juices! 

Their beginning may be a common story, but they always promised themselves that they would fulfill their customer needs and never let a dissatisfied one walk out the door! Here at Vapors Paradise, every bottle is mixed with Aloha.